Self-Guided Intuitive Development Course


Embrace Everyday Magic: 11 Modules for Intuitive Living, Inner Alchemy, and Holistic Success.

✺ you are ready to embody greater trust & courage to follow your dreams.

✺ you are ready to amplify and embody your intuitive abilities and multidimensional self..

✺ you are in the process of a life transition from one version of self to the next.

✺ you are ready to live with greater confidence through intuition and a regulated nervous system.

✺ you are ready to embrace your soul-led destiny from a state of remembrance.

✺ You are ready to heal imbalances in your inner and outer worlds.

✺ you are ready to see and experience the world through a new lens and expanded magnetism.

✺ You Are Ready To Embrace a Holistic Approach to Health, wealth, and Relationships.

✺ You Are Ready explore your unique genius, divine purpose, and creative legacy.

This Course is for you if....

With Lifetime Access to your Self-Guided Course, You Will Receive....

✺ 11 Modules through The Way of Intuition Course Material 
✺ At-home Self-Care Practices & Rituals
✺ Guided Meditations
✺ Journaling Prompts
✺ Guest Speaker Workshops
✺ Membership to The Way of Intuition Community
✺ Access to Future Live Group Calls 
✺ Exclusive Discounts on 1:1 Sessions, Coaching Packages, and In-Person Retreats

Lifetime Access to your Self-Guided Course Includes:

✺ 11 Modules through The Way of Intuition Course Material 
✺ At-home Self-Care Practices & Rituals
✺ Guided Meditations
✺ Journaling Prompts
✺ Guest Speaker Workshops
✺ Membership to The Way of Intuition Community
✺ Access to Future Live Group Calls 
✺ Exclusive Discounts on 1:1 Sessions, Coaching Packages, and In-Person Retreats

For awakening, creative, inspired, and divinely guided humans.

The Way of Intuition is more than just a course; it's a portal of transformation from one life cycle to the next, where you embrace a new version of yourself that unfolds with every workshop, lesson, activation, and guided practice.

Held in the comfort of your own home, accessible from anywhere in the world, this journey is about experiencing life with greater ease, alignment, trust, inspiration, creativity, and community.

Throughout the course, you'll receive the tools, techniques, rituals, practices, and guidance needed to confidently trust your intuition and align with your unique gifts, creative force, and one-of-a-kind energy signature.

By embracing intuitive living, focusing your consciousness, and nurturing your energy, you'll unlock greater flow in every aspect of your life — from vitality and well-being to relationships, finances, purpose, creativity, and spiritual connection.

Embark on this transformative journey with us as we infuse your everyday reality with practical magic, empowering you to activate a new way of being in the world and embody the essence of your true self.

Welcome to The Way of Intuition.

This is a a comprehensive journey designed for sensitive souls, intuitives, empaths, visionaries, artists, creatives, and emerging conscious entrepreneurs like you.

The Way of Intuition Course Modules:

Enhancing tools for energetic maintenance, establishing boundaries, fostering vitality, and cultivating clear energy architecture within your home, work, and relationships.

✺ Module 2:
Empower Mind/Body Connection

Practicing a sense of regulation and safety within the mind-body connection for sensitive individuals. Developing skills to regulate our nervous systems and enhance our capacity to embrace new transformations through the body.

✺ Module 3:
Activate Your Unique Energy Signature

Delve into and learn to honor your individual energy system and soul blueprint through the lens of Human Design, Astrology, and Ayurvedic Doshas.

Unlock your psychic channels—clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance—learning to skillfully harness your intuitive abilities with trust and groundedness. Cultivate a lifelong connection with your higher self, intuition, and spiritual team. 

✺ Module 5:
Embrace Decision-Making & Timelines Like an Intuitive

Develop clear, trustworthy, and confident intuitive decision-making skills. Master the art of shaping your destiny through aligned choices, quantum leaping through timelines, and following  your heart's callings.

✺ Module 6:
Liberate Yourself through Shadow Integration

Elevate trust in your intuition by unraveling unconscious patterns deeply embedded in your psyche. Dive into shadow work methodologies rooted in Parts Work, Internal Family Systems, Gestalt Psychology, and Inner Child Healing for profound transformation.

✺ Module 7:
 Decolonizing Spirituality & Embracing Life Sovereignty

Dismantling patriarchal and systemic structures that create oppression in the world. Decolonizing spirituality to integrate inclusivity and integrity. With authentic approach to spirituality, it empowers us to contribute to societal healing and transformation beyond spiritual materialism.

✺ Module 8:
Ancestral Healing & Reclamation

Embark on a journey through the past to illuminate the present and shape the future. Honor, repair, and transform ancestral narratives while preserving multidimensional gifts, strengths, gifts, and wisdom from your ancestral lineage.

*Special Live Event: Past Life Regression Session with Master Hypnotist to Retrieve Gifts & Wisdom from a Past Life for Integration in this Lifetime.

✺ Module 9:
Practical Magic & Manifestation

Discover the art of practical magic for a life of abundance and purpose. Harness the innate energies of the universe, mastering the precision of intention to catalyze powerful shifts in your reality and manifest your visions into tangible form.

✺ Module 10:
888 Abundance Gate: Financial Alchemy

Embark on a transformative journey to reshape your financial mindset and unlock multidimensional wealth. Dive deep into the principles of abundance and holistic success, infusing every aspect of your life with purpose, passion, and unwavering precision.

Awaken to your unique, one-of-a-kind frequency and embrace the inner life artist within you, eager to express itself. Recognize the significance of your creative nudges as you embark on your journey toward living your dharma and creating the legacy of your life's mission over time, in harmony with your intuition.

✺ Module 1:
Foundations of Energy Healing 

✺ Module 4:
The Modern Mystic Initiation

✺ Module 11:
The Way of Dharma & Soul-Led Legacy

Meet Your Guest Speakers...

ancestral healing

Torie Feldman

Module 8: Ancestral Healing

Exclusive Workshop with Torie and Tara

How to Connect to Your Ancestors to Reclaim the Spirituality and Magic of Your Lineage

human design

ẎnDon Clark

past life regression

martinez jover

Carmen Martinez Jover is a renowned Past Life Regression Specialist with a profound dedication to helping individuals break free from limiting beliefs and discover the true essence of modern families. Carmen has authored six additional groundbreaking works centered on new-age conception and infertility. Drawing upon a decade of intensive study in PSYCH-K, Past Life Regression, and Fertility therapy, as well as extensive training in Reiki and Theta healing, Carmen employs Quantum Healing techniques to facilitate profound transformations. As an International Speaker, she has captivated audiences worldwide with her insights into infertility challenges, past-life exploration, and more.

5th Live Call: Group Past Life Regression Journey

Reclaiming Wisdom & Gifts from a Positive Past life

Wednesday, 1/10/24 from 6:00pm-8:00pm PST

2nd Live Call: Human Design Workshop

Sunday, 11/26/23 from 10:00am-12:00pm PST

Torie Feldman of @sacredancestry is an ancestral healing witch and shamanic practitioner whose lineage hails from the Great Sacred Motherland of Europe. With over a decade of experience in the arts of healing, facilitation, and priestesshood, Torie weaves together spirituality, shamanism, mysticism, mediumship, womb wisdom, and ongoing study of cultures all over the world. She specializes in the intersection of ancestral healing and feminine embodiment — helping women to connect to their ancestors, trust their magic, and embody their full-spectrum spiritual gifts to heal our lineages. Her degree in Cultural Anthropology, alongside her year spent working on cultural revitalization projects on a Native American Reservation, deeply inform her work — grounding the esoteric into tangible and relatable ancestral wisdom and healing practices.

ẎnDon was initiated into the heart of Hologenetics while exploring his curiosity for Astrology, Quantum Mechanics & many different Esoteric Traditions. Devoting his calling to uncover the Cosmology of Incarnation, his path led to the discovery of the science of The Human Design System & The Gene Keys in 2015. As a perfect synthesis of Ancient Wisdom & Modern Sciences, Hologenetics weaves together the mechanical layers of existence’s tapestry into a unified constellation. ẎnDon has been leading students through deep personal transformation by guiding them to identify their gifts & embrace their shadows while developing a lifestyle that naturally awakens their life’s purpose as they de-condition. Together, penetrating to the foundation of their pure genius & aligning them to impact the world with their mission.

ayurvedic doshas

shadow integration

chris orozco

Chris Orozco has been teaching shadow integration professionally for 11 years. What started as a means to help him recover from a lifetime of mental health issues, turned into a passion for and unique understanding of the human psyche. His ability to meet you where you’re at, understand what's really going on under the surface and gracefully lead you to that understanding yourself has allowed him to help people from all around the world embrace the parts of them they’ve neglected or thrown away and bring them back into wholeness, serving their purpose in healthiest way imaginable.

multidimensional wealth

jana alonso

Jana (HAH-nah) Alonso is a renowned integrative healer and business growth strategist with a deep commitment to helping individuals achieve high levels of wealth, joy, love, impact, and growth. As the founder of The School of Integrative Healing, Jana has developed a powerful system of healing that combines multiple modalities and dimensions to provide transformative experiences for her clients. Jana went from making €400 a month, to making her first million using a combination of the practical strategies she teaches, but more than anything the inner work. 



Module 7: Shadow Work

Exclusive Workshop with Chris and Tara

How to Integrate your Shadow to Free Yourself From Limitations 

angelica neri

Angelica Neri has been an intuitive healer for a decade. She is trained in all forms of yoga such as vinyasa, kundalini, breathwork, meditation and kriya, has led over ten yoga teacher trainings and received her 500 hour certification in Rishikesh India. Angelica is also a certified Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and certified Reiki Master, guiding over 100s of women to successfully heal holistically. She is the founder of “The Divine Feminine Healer’s Academy”, a school to receive certifications and education in Ayurvedic + reiki healing and building successful spiritual businesses. She is also the host of “The Divine Feminine Healer’s Podcast”, one of the top 5% most listened podcasts in the world.

Module 3: Your Energy Signature

Exclusive Workshop with Angelica and Tara

Balancing Your Vitality: Integrating Your Ayurvedic Doshas for Optimal Health

decolonizing spirituality

Rev briana lynn

Rev. Briana Lynn is the Executive Director of The Earth Temple: School of Shamanic Arts. She is on a mission to bring more radical aliveness, deviance & a return to earth-wisdom Rites of ReParenting into this world. She has unrelenting passion for authenticity, equality, learning & deepening our connection to life, nature & The Great Mystery. She is an accomplice to the liberation of all beings; anti-racism work, decolonization in personal & community practices & deconstructing the patriarchy in every facet of life. Her current contributions include, inspirational public speaking, 1x1 mentorship, large group facilitation, & nature quests. She also has developed a safe, liberating, inclusive & practical spiritual & social justice community space for Rites of Passage (Self-ReParenting & space holder training) in The Orgasmic Oracle Mystery School she started. 

Module 7: Waking Up from the patriarchal matrix 

Exclusive Workshop with briana lynn and Tara

Dismantling patriarchal and systemic structures that disconnect our true intuition

A course that nourishes and empowers intuitive & sensitive humans.

Tara has meticulously designed a journey enriched with potent tools for personal growth, spiritual evolution, and psychosomatic practices, fostering genuine and sustainable shifts in your reality. Committing to the 11 Modules of The Way of Intuition ensures you'll emerge from the course with a renewed sense of self and tangible changes in both your inner and outer worlds, reflecting your true desires.

Embracing this journey will naturally guide you toward deeper alignment, passion, creativity, purpose, love, and fulfillment in your life. This transformation stems from reprogramming your nervous system and mastering your intuition.


✺ Externalized beliefs, expectations, and identity
✺ The witch wound & wounded healer archetype
✺ Procrastination: be guided by your dreams and commit with devotion
✺ Self-Doubt and unconscious self-sabotage
✺ Indecisiveness and wavering energy
✺ Suppression of feelings and emotions
✺ Overwhelm from being highly sensitive
✺ Fear of vulnerability and soft power 
✺ Overthinking and mental warfare 
✺ Living in the past 
✺ Restriction of your power and creative force 
✺ Comparison and fear or owning your truth 
✺ Constructs of scarcity around money, time, and energy
✺ Isolation and navigating this wild journey alone 
✺ Fear of being "too-much" 
✺ Spiritual materialism and surface-level path


you're ready to

✺ Your most authentic and inspired reality 
✺ The gift of this lifetime and the infinite ways to explore it
✺ Magnetism: refining subtle energy and your auric field
✺ Embracing the call of intuitive nudges
✺ Deep self-trust and faith in the guiding Universe
✺ Intuitive decision-making with clarity and precision
✺ Confidence to own your power and unique frequency
✺ Skillful ways to honor your energy as sacred
✺ Divine destiny through intuitive guidance 
✺ Your expanded psychic toolkit 
✺ Communicating with the Language of the Universe
✺ Unlocking new timelines of synchronicity 
✺ Empowered relationships through intuitive coherence
✺ Prosperity & abundance through owning your Dharma
✺ Cosmic wisdom integration: weaving magic in the mundane
✺ Channeling your creative force through life artistry


you're ready to




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