Karina Luciano

Reiki Teacher & Holistic Health Coach

"I came into this retreat with her with intent of emerging a new man. An elevated human. I received that and lifetimes more than I ever could have expected. I was reconnected to my power, my essence and reclaimed my voice. She guided me through levels of my consciousness and took the journey with me through so much emotional work and blockage. She is such a gifted individual who’s true intention is to heal and discover alongside you.

Her intuition about how to guide me back to my truth could not have been more accurate and otherworldly. Spirit speaks through her and she is such a beautiful teacher and soul worker. Her energy is safe and calm. We shared many stories and moments of clarity. To know that someone who’s helping you to heal is also walking the path with you is so reassuring and rare. I could not recommend her more highly. If there are cliffs of eternity to dive off, she’s the best person to leap with.

It is truly astonishing to come across someone like Tara who has such a willingness to brave the depths of the soul and mind with you. It is equally as special that she recognizes uniqueness and strength, then finds ways to amplify it... I can confidently my life is changed having worked with her. Not only will I never forget this retreat, but I will carry its lessons through every moment of this lifetime. Thank you, Tara!"


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- Anthony S.


- Hannah M.

"Tara fosters camaraderie right from the start. There is no hierarchy: there are two equals — two friends — in designated roles. It’s deeply empowering to be treated as an equal by a teacher.

Her personality and example alone teach me in my everyday life. She has such a beautiful way of showing people what they need to see, with so much love and grace that it becomes the desired thing to do. To agree, accept and hear something which breaks a previous paradigm. This is not a common trait. It is pure goddess magic.

When I started working with Tara, I was on the brink of my capacity to handle all the pain that my life circumstances were raining on me. Months later, there came a moment when I burst out of what felt like a cocoon and into an entirely new version of self and surroundings. In that moment, I realized I’d been in that cocoon all along, held energetically by Tara. In that moment, I understood what “coaching container” really meant.

Tara holds space as a divine nurturer, mirror, support system, and teacher. She created for me a close-knit energetic world of divinity in which I faced the supportive and nurturing boundaries of her presence. Pushing up against those divine walls during the duration of our work together allowed me the space in which to strengthen myself in small increments, and there came an unexpected point when I broke through what subsequently revealed itself to me as a life-long glass ceiling. The value of this divine feminine container could not possibly be quantified.

I have emerged from this container deeply connected with my intuition. I can find significance in the minutia. I feel source all around me, and pouring through me.
I have also made major internal and external shifts that moved me from a scarcity frequency to an abundance frequency. What more could I ask for?"

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"Working with Tara has been truly transformative for my business journey. Through our insightful sessions, I gained clarity, inspiration, and direction, realizing that I wasn't aligned with my true path until our first of three VIP day sessions.

With Tara's guidance, I shifted onto a path that felt true to my calling, dreams, and the potential I hold to create in the world. During our initial session, we cleared a lot of energy that redirected my trajectory towards a new direction. Over the past two years, we've collaborated in various capacities, including coaching and retreats, and her ability to uncover energetic blockages has been invaluable. Our work has evolved into spiritual entrepreneurship, propelling my business to its next level.

As an entrepreneur, I've tended to lean towards my masculine energy in the past, but Tara helped me understand the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies in all aspects of my business, from the creative process to marketing strategies. Her perspective on aligned marketing combined with her intuitive insights empowered me to fully embrace my strengths, unique gifts, and offerings to my communities.

With Tara's guidance, I created my next retreat from a place of genuine joy, ease, inspiration, and service, which alleviated any doubt or pressure I was feeling around my business. From our 3 VIP sessions, I witnessed firsthand how energy truly influences outcomes, as evidenced by the overwhelming success of an event I am producing, which sold out in just 5 hours.

Thanks to Tara's experience in marketing, somatic work, and energy work, I'm now on a path of alignment and growth in my business. I'm incredibly grateful for our collaborations together, and feel grateful to have Tara's support on my journey.

"Our work has evolved into spiritual entrepreneurship, propelling my business to its next level."

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-Christina M.

"This journey we shared will echo through lifetimes. I feel complete. I am whole. I am powerful. I have reclaimed my magic!"

- Natalie L.

"My experience with Tara has been a magical journey filled with so much intuition, transformation, self-awareness, healing, & alchemy. Tara is not only one of the most amazing teachers I've ever had, she feels like a sister, and is an integral part of my soul family. Tara embodies peace, calm, gentleness, humility, grace, and genuine empathy. She has an amazing ability to listen, and deeply understand. 

In Tara's presence, I feel safe and secure, while she can also bring  joy and playfulness in everything we do. I have confided in her with my deepest secrets, opened up in complete vulnerability, and in return, I receive nothing but warm, non-judgmental, sensitive, and gentle guidance. She is extremely skilled, gifted, and intuitive. 

Through our work together, I've softened the roughest parts of my soul and found strength in the parts of myself I once considered weak. I've reclaimed my true self that was previously lost in oceans of trauma. I have become more self-aware, present in this lifetime, found my purpose, have so much more clarity, positivity, passion, purpose, unconditional love in my life. 

I also had the privilege of participating in a soul connection retreat led by Tara, where she excuted the retreat with such incredible strength, courage, determination, dedication, and ease. It was a life-changing experience for my husband and I. We connected on a profound spiritual level.

 I left the retreat feeling completely reborn, renewed, fueled with passion, clear visions, wondrous strength, courage, connection, and magic. I was able to release so much past trauma, heal my ancestral lineage, step into my true power, connect with my loving angels, spirit team, and be at one with nature on sacred land. 

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been graced by Tara's outstanding brilliance, knowledge, radiance, and expertise. She is a master of her craft, a nurturing mentor, an intelligent teacher, and possesses extraordinary gifts.

Tara is a true angel on Earth.

Today, I shine more brightly than ever before. I've evolved into a fierce priestess, a wise leader, a passionate wife, a wonderful mother, an extraordinary sister, a loyal friend, and beyond. I am everything beautiful, bright, abundant, and enchanting in this world. This journey we shared will echo through lifetimes. I feel complete. I am whole. I am powerful. I have reclaimed my magic!"

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"It's hard to put into words how much Tara has given me. She came into my life during a period of major loss and death, and she helped me design my rebirth. Before working with Tara— i was in pieces, falling apart, crumbling. Now i am whole, i have put myself back together. my wounds are still here but they are not in control of me anymore. They are my guides, not my obstacles. I have uncovered and discovered myself through this container. I have come face to face with myself and accepted who i am, in all my forms. I have a greater sense of love for myself and see the potential for all I can be. My heart and my intuition lead me closer to my dreams everyday.

I no longer have to stay silent to appease those around me. I can be a disruptor, I can be powerful, simply by being me. I no longer have to hide myself because the right people will love me for who i am. The more that i show my true self, the more i will connect with others who are like me. I’ve learned to love myself first, choose myself first, and listen to the answers within. I have become my own compass and i’ve found the way back to myself.

Tara gave me energetic tools, unlocked wells of buried emotions inside me, and provided a safe space for me to tend to my wounds. Her energy is unlike any I have experienced before. She is the true essence of a leader, healer and goddess. She is powerful and vulnerable, sharing the wisdom from her life experience. She has been a mirror and a role model of who I can become in my highest alignment. I feel confident and hopeful as I walk this path with her. She has paved the way for others to join her and she carries unconditional love and incredible strength.

Her intuition is an immense gift that has allowed her to understand me in a way that no one else has. I feel fully seen by her, as she invited me to come out of hiding and embody my whole self. She has taught me to unearth my fears with compassion, dive into the root of the pain, and transmute darkness into light. She has given me the gift of alchemy. A gift that I can utilize in my daily life and that I can teach to my future clients. I am overflowing with gratitude and love for this woman and her potent medicine."

"When I began this process, I was looking for a mentor. I never expected to find a sister for life and to be reunited with my soul family."

- Nicole D.

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"During our journey, Tara supported me every step of the way, showing me true compassion, unconditional love, the alchemy of my deepest wounds, and friendship. Now, I feel connected, resourced, calm, guided, and abundant. Almost everything has changed and is about to change.

Life after working with Tara is ten times more magical, pleasurable, and abundant. She always provided the best guidance at the perfect time and consistently made me feel seen, heard, and understood. I get to take the gifts we unlocked together and use them for the rest of my life!

I got to witness myself as a magician in my daily life. I allowed myself to feel deeper pleasure and found new ways to accomplish the mundane in a manner that was fun and unique to me. I learned that by opening my heart, I could attract my desires almost instantly. There were moments when I became so magnetic and in flow that everything would come to me with ease, and synchronicities were everywhere. The next step fell straight into my lap.

The most important shift for me was realizing that I am not alone and that it is possible for things to change in my life. Releasing stagnant emotions and energies was incredibly powerful as well. I feel more secure in my body than I ever have. I have even discovered parts of myself I never knew existed. Tara always helped me feel safe, accepted, and loved. She reflected magic that I couldn’t recognize in myself.

After attending one of Tara’s retreats, I experienced a deeper layer of healing. I left with a profound sense of connectedness and love that remains within me today. It was a safe space to fully unmask and understand myself, which has been one of the greatest gifts.

I am now choosing to own my playfulness, my sensuality, sensitivity, honesty, and compassion. I feel very grateful to have had this experience with Tara; she will lead you to your best self.


- Chelsea S.

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"Having 1:1 sessions with Tara is like meeting up with an old friend who is kind, gentle, loving, and so wise. Our sessions were always unique and always left me feeling seen, heard, and celebrated. I cherish Tara's intuition and deeply trust her wisdom and guidance.

I was continually reminded of the cosmic magic that is available to each of us. Truly. Our work was spiritually transformational while simultaneously filled with moments of laughter and levity. Tara speaks through the language of the heart, and has a way of guidance and insight that pours out of her like water into a tall glass, that goes beyond words. I hold so much love and reverence for this being!

When I think back to our year long (plus?!) container, I am reminded how incredible it felt to be seen and accepted in my totality, both light and dark, glimmers and shadows. Tara led me through several incredible meditations where time seemed to fold on itself and we were both shocked by how an hour long meditation seemed to go by in 15 minutes. I have had the most profound, spiritual, and timeline-shifting experiences I have ever had with Tara this past year. I was able to touch into moments of cosmic bliss in a way that I have not yet been able to, guided by Tara's gentle, intuitive nature and safe holding.

I feel I have called my power back through this work. I have been given permission to show up as the most authentic, deep part of myself again. A part of me that I used to hide. There is such a deep resonance anytime we connect.

The gifts I am choosing to own moving forward after this container is my gentle, soft nature while continuing to nurture the strong, fiery side. Soft front, strong back.

I am so grateful for this soul journey with Tara and for working with a mentor that has become a true friend."


- Kelsey B.

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❖ Enter an oracular sanctuary: Be witnessed at a safe, rare and intimate soul level. Receive an intuitive energy assessment and guidance through spiritual mediumship. 
❖ Activate life force: Be guided through a mini breathwork session to access crystalline clarity. 
❖ Access body intelligence: Be led through somatic-based practices for processing emotions and energy that are ready to be moved .
❖ Upgrade energetic efficiency: Through the contemplation of energetic boundaries and re-structuring, you will create more space for the things you are truly aligned and inspired by.
❖ Uncover blind spots: Integrate new awareness and perception to help you witness yourself, your situation, and and your path from a more all-encompassing vantage point. 
❖ Enjoy the shift: Feel a noticeable shift in your mood, nervous system state, mental clarity, and overall well-being.

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