30-minute discovery call

July 7 - July 13, 2024 

6-nights All-Inclusive transformational Retreat in
Bali, Indonesia

This is not just another retreat... this is council where each of us will explore origins and the alchemy of our true essence. 

Welcome to a retreat that's truly one-of-a-kind, crafted with care to provide everything you need to rediscover and rejuvenate your gifts, creativity, vision, relationships, and purpose. It's a journey to explore the core of your authentic essence, while also serving as a launch pad to propel you toward the inspired destiny of your next life cycle. This retreat is a life-giving reset and pivotal milestone for all humans who feel in resonance with the intentions and values of this retreat. 

The Origins of Essence is designed to reignite your connection to the essence of life that flows through you uniquely, while honing your presence in the world through your creative legacy and your role in partnership, family, chosen family, tribal communities, and the planetary collective.

Departing from this both rejuvenating and transformative journey, you'll carry a newfound understanding of the gifts, genius, and creative force you are here to embody and the higher perspective you’re meant to embrace as a visionary and future ancestor on this planet. This retreat symbolizes a journey back to the roots of your true essence, where your inner world overflows with the nectar of a new era, aligning in harmony with nature, time, soul family, ancient wisdom, destiny, and the cosmos.

Feel the Essence of this Offering with Tara & YnDon 

Tara’s personal ancestral connection to Indonesia and her extensive time spent in Bali over the years has instilled in her a deep understanding of the importance of revering the Balinese people and the land they steward. 

This retreat serves is an offering to individuals and couples desiring to experience Bali, known as the island of Gods, through a timeline rooted in authenticity, respect, reciprocity, and tradition.

Rather than viewing our visits as mere vacations, our primary ethos is to value our relationship with Bali above all else. We're collaborating closely with local Balinese wisdom keepers to honor their ways and participate in traditional offerings and rituals to embrace right relationship with the land and ancestral field.

Our program features yoga classes, ceremonies, blessings, and workshops led by local Balinese alongside our guest facilitators. Additionally, we've partnered with a local organization empowering women and girls by offering job skills training, support programs, and language classes.

The Origins of Essence is committed to circulating our business structure back to the Balinese people, providing an additional income source that ultimately supports families and children, aiding their livelihoods and education.

Together, we embark on an extraordinary journey into the origins of your soul and the depths of your essence, where each day unfolds new layers of self-discovery, replenishment, and empowerment.

We are a team of world-class facilitators who have meticulously crafted an authentic Balinese experience, celebrating the island's beauty and ancestral wisdom. In addition, we provide a lineup of transformative workshops and ritual spaces that support radical transformation and foster a deeper connection and embodiment of your most purposeful and expressed self. Our aim is to empower you to embrace your true calling and nurture relationships that bring forth joy, intimacy, love, and a lasting creative legacy in your life.


Through immersive workshops, guided practices, and ceremonies...

Explore the essence of being in service to creation by living authentically as yourself and acknowledging the profound influence you hold within the collective, whether as an individual or in partnership. Embrace your role as a catalyst for change, contributing to the planet's healing by unveiling your experiential wisdom, soul’s remembrance, and grounded solutions in these revolutionary times.

Through compassionate introspection, daily rituals, somatic embodiment practices, and Human Design + Gene Keys, you will anchor this new version of yourself physically and breathe new life into your being. Experience sustainable shifts in your well-being, energy, presence, mindset, and connection, opening pathways to a new level of joy, abundance, intuition, and connection as you fulfill your creative legacy.


►the "Origins" aspect of this retreat:

we integrate the frameworks of Astrology, Human Design, + the Gene Keys to unveil a greater understanding of ourselves from the soul's lens, illuminating the intricate interplay between the influence of astrology on our destiny, our unique energetic makeup, and the transformative potential inherent within our genetic coding. 

► THE "Essence" aspect of the retreat:

discover a sacred space where you explore new ways of somatic exploration, embodiment and relating. Through the interplay of breath, movement, sound, expression, authenticity, intuition, community, and ritual, we empower your essence to emerge naturally in this new life cycle. This aspect allows for your soul to flourish and be breathed, seen, felt, and heard in the presence of soul family.

Join other kindred souls and unite in reclaiming your inner genius, breaking through to the next level in your soul’s evolutionary journey, and embrace the richness of Bali's heritage as we dive into the great mystery of this unique constellation that awaits us.


Welcome to Solana

Your Sanctuary of Serenity

Nestled amidst lush Balinese jungle, Solana beckons you into a tropical sanctuary consciously designed to nourish every facet of your being—mind, body, and soul. Envision yourself unwinding by the natural water pool, infused with the energies of healing crystals, or seeking solace in meditation amidst tranquil lotus ponds and sacred fires. A leisurely stroll through our verdant gardens or along the nearby riverbank offers a serene communion with the earth's bountiful gifts, inviting boundless opportunities for rejuvenation.







Your Villa of Choice

Plush bathrobes and towels, luxurious duvets, mosquito nets, comfortable mattresses, 300ct bedsheets.

Handmade tea set, diffuser for essential oils, desk and seating area.

Bathtubs, rain showers, biodegradable bath amenities, bamboo toothbrushes, hair dryers.

Local Food

Indulge in nourishment at its finest with our locally grown ingredients from Bedugul, farm-to-table cuisine. Infused with intention, love, and care, our chef's creations promise to leave you deeply satisfied. Savor our plant-based, gluten-free options that are both healthy and delicious. We recognize that dietary preferences vary, so we'll ensure there are options available for those who prefer animal protein throughout the retreat.

Visionary Workshops

Immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery through our dynamic healing workshops and rituals. Enjoy morning tea ceremonies, meditation, yoga, and astrological insights, along with traditional Balinese rituals, deep sound journeys, somatic embodiment rituals, breathwork, ecstatic dance, Taoist and Tantric modalities, authentic relating, Human Design & The Gene Keys plus so much more.

Here are just some of the amazing things you'll receive at the Origins of Essence Retreat...

Here's a peak into what most of our days will look like:

☪︎ 8:00 am: Light Fruit Breakfast
☪︎ 8:30 am: Tea Ceremony Meditation + Cosmic Contemplations
☪︎ 10:00am: Morning Yoga & Movement classes
☪︎ 11:30 am: 3-Course Brunch & Free Time 
☪︎ 2:00 pm: Afternoon Workshops
☪︎ 5:00 pm: Integration Time
☪︎ 6:00 pm: Family Dinner
☪︎ 8:00pm: The Essence of Mystery Group Rituals
☪︎ 9:30pm: Silent Time, Relax, Unwind 

We also have a stellar lineup of workshops planned for you:

► Daily Tea Ceremony, Astrology, Meditation, & Yoga / Movement 
► Traditional Water Purification Ceremony & Balinese Water Blessings
► Traditional Canang Sari Making (Balinese Ancestral Offerings)
► Traditional Fire Ceremony with Balinese Fire Keeper
► Ancestral Balinese Wisdom Teachings with Balinese Priestess
► MELT - Meeting in Essence Love Temple: Evening Group Rituals with Chloe & Tara
► Authentic Relating + The Art of Communication & Collaboration for Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Visionaries with Cyrus
► 9D Breathwork Ceremony with Cyrus 
► Sonic & Somatic Alchemy with Madhu: Voice & Movement Liberation
► Embrace The Origins of your Divine Design through Advanced Human Design & Gene Keys with ẎnDon
► De-conditioning from the “Not-Self” & Ancestral Shadow Work with Tara & YnDon
► From Spirit to Matter: Awakening Creative Purpose & Ancestral Legacy with Tara
► Deep Sound Journeys + Cacao & Ecstatic Dance with Liquid Bloom

Our retreat is curated in harmony with cosmic forces based on Astrology, Gene keys, + Human Design...

Our retreat is also curated in harmony with the cosmic forces of Astrology, the Gene Keys, + Human Design and their living transmission from the transits during our journey. 
From 7/7 to 7/13, we will contemplate and unlock Gene Keys 53 & 54, exploring their impact on us individually, within our families & tribal communities, and on the planetary collective.

► Gene Key 53: Immaturity ↠ Expansion ↠ Superabundance 
► Gene Key 54: Greed ↠ Aspiration ↠ Ascension 

These Gene Keys signify a profound shift in our approach to destiny: refining our aim, shaping the trajectory of our legacies, and embracing our inner leadership as the visionaries we are becoming in these revolutionary times by tapping into the origins of our genius and the essence of our being.


Experience life-changing 9D breathwork

Immerse yourself in the bliss of Solana's natural crystal-infused pool, its revitalizing waters gently filtered by lush foliage, delivering an unparalleled experience of renewal.

Wander through our lush herb and medicinal plant gardens, where fragrant aromas and vivid hues inspire healing and revitalization. Listen to the gentle melody of the perennial river as it meanders serenely through the forest, providing a soothing backdrop to your retreat experience at Solana. Here, amidst the tropical splendor of Bali's landscape, discover a sanctuary where tranquility, healing, and the promise of rejuvenation await at every turn.

Let the stresses of life dissolve as you bask in these healing waters, emerging refreshed and invigorated. Delve into meditation and introspection within our sacred fire and chakra meditation spaces, meticulously crafted to foster profound connection and spiritual growth.

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Standard Earth Villas (shared)

Deluxe Waterfall Villas (shared)







*Individuals will be matched with a villa-mate based on preferences. There are 2 individuals per room.

*Individuals will be matched with a villa-mate based on preferences. There are 2 individuals per room.

◆ 6 Nights Accommodation
◆ Airport Shuttle on Arrival & Departure Days
◆ 1-Hour Balinese Massage on Arrival Day
◆ 5-Course Welcome Dinner on Arrival Day 
◆ Full Menu of Healthy, Organic, Locally Sourced Meals
◆ Full Itinerary with Workshops, Ceremonies, & Excursions
◆ Add-Ons: Flower Bath, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Extra Massages

*Please note for those coming individually to the retreat, you will be mindfully matched with a villa-mate based on aligned preferences. The both of you will have individual twin sized beds.







Payment Plans Available

Discounts for Bali & Neighboring Countries with Different Currency Exchange Rate

 The pricing of your selected accommodations includes the full ticket, offering an all-inclusive package covering:



Payment Plans Available

Discounts for Bali & Neighboring Countries with Different Currency Exchange Rate

Tara Méi

Retreat Host & Energy Architect


Meet Your Facilitators...

Ẏndon Clark

Human Design & Gene Keys Astrologist


Liquid Bloom

Music for deep sound journeys & Ecstatic Dance


Cyrus Irani

Authentic Relating & 9D Breathwork


Madhu Honey

Sonic & Somatic Alchemy


Luh Manis

jero priestess +  balinese wisdom keeper

MORE ABOUT Luh manis

Chloe Adriana

tao tantric arts + ritual + embodiment 


Barry Boullon


tea master + founder of the dragon tea temple

Tara Méi

Retreat Host & Energy Architect

Tara Mei is a transformational retreat curator, Psychic Advisor, Somatic-Based Coach, and Love & Intimacy & Relationships Guide. Tara brings an embodied approach to healing, holistic success, and integrative wellness to her retreats. She traversed the globe in pursuit of knowledge, extensive training, and experiential wisdom in energy work, somatic alchemy, psychic mediumship, and trauma healing, honing a comprehensive toolkit for facilitating reality-shifting transformation for her retreat participants.

At her retreats, Tara cultivates a supportive community, guiding participants to step into the next octave of their highest evolution. She serves individuals driven by a greater calling, seeking to leave behind a legacy of artistry and collective impact. Through her keen sensitivity to the subtle layers of reality, she bridges worlds, communities, and dreams from spirit to matter. 

Tara possesses a deep ability to uncover the unconscious, hidden, and repressed, bringing the light of truth to illuminate all that is hidden and empower it to rise into its full integrity and expression. As an authentic relationalist at heart, she guides individuals to embrace healthy secure attachment styles and find the inner beloved, unifying the marriage of feminine and masculine within to embrace a new octave of magnetism in relationships.

Her expertise has been recognized on a global scale, as she appeared as a healer and authentic relating retreat facilitator on the Top 10 Rated Netflix show, Bling Empire.

Tara Mei is also a pillar for those who seek to recode their ancestral DNA with new narratives, serving as the transitional character in their family lineages to empower their lineage in a way that serves their authentic destiny and the shift of consciousness on our planet.


YnDon Clark


YnDon's journey into the heart of Hologenetics began over 8 years ago, sparked by his exploration of Astrology, Quantum Mechanics, and various Esoteric Traditions. Delving into the depths of his curiosity, he uncovered the science of The Human Design System and The Gene Keys. Through a perfect synthesis of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Sciences, YnDon guides individuals on a path of deep personal transformation. His approach helps them identify their gifts, embrace their shadows, and develop a lifestyle that naturally aligns with their life's purpose. By de-conditioning and penetrating to the foundation of their pure genius, he empowers them to impact the world with their mission.

YnDon's initiation into Hologenetics was a pivotal moment in his journey, sparked by his love for Astrology, Ancient Tradition, Quantum Physics, and DNA. Through his exploration, he discovered the transformative power of Human Design and The Gene Keys. Now, YnDon leads others through the De-Conditioning labyrinth, guiding them back to the center of their Inner Authority. He emphasizes the importance of embracing Genetic Diversity and strengthening Collective Awareness while awakening each individual's Genius within the Planetary Synarchy.


Liquid Bloom


Liquid Bloom is a music project spearheaded by internationally renowned artist and producer Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers. The project blends downtempo, ambient, world, and psychedelic elements to create a mesmerizing sound that is both meditative and energizing. Liquid Bloom has worked with artists from around the world such as Poranguí, Deya Dova, Mose, Ram Dass, and Dr. Joe Dispenza, drawing inspiration from nature and the power of music to heal and inspire. The project's unique and uplifting sound has gained a dedicated following internationally, and is a must-see for fans of electronic and world music alike. Liquid Bloom strives to create a sonic prayer for healing and transformation, infusing each track with magic and wonder.


Cyrus Irani


BA Psychology, Kings College, University Of London, London UK

Certified Gestalt Therapist - Gestalt Centre London, Camden, London UK

Certified Trauma Release Specialist - BBTR Institute, New York, NY, USA

Certified Biodynamic Breath Practitioner - BBTR Institute, New York, NY, USA

Certified Authentic Relating Teacher, ART International, Boulder, CO, USA

Certified MBSR Practitioner, - Bangor University, Gwynedd, Wales, UK

As well as these formal qualifications I have over 30 years experience in the fields of Human Sciences and self-development. I have studied hypnotherapy, para-psychology, breathwork, subconscious reprogramming, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and many other esoteric modalities. I am currently Head Of Corporate Partnerships at 9D Breathwork; a market leading Breathwork brand aimed at bringing the medicine and healing powers ofbreathwork coupled with self-development and self-mastery to the masses, andinto the corporate arena. We aim to help people overcome mental and psychosomatic health issues (sadness, anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, auto-immune disorders), plus many physical health issues without pharmaceutical medication, using only the power of their mind and their breath. Helping them to move back to their natural states of balance, happiness and health. And to guide them to realise their unlimited brilliance and highest potential.


Madhu Honey

Sonic & Somatic Alchemy

Madhu Honey is a well seasoned soul known for seducing the sacred from its secret chambers … bringing offerings of beauty, art & elegance through sonic & somatic embodiment. Evoking the mystery & magic to weave its way into a living presence of our daily lives. Madhu moves from the depths to illuminate all that dwells in the unseen to be ushered to the surface for a fully integrative & liberated experience.

Traversing the realms of transformative energetics is her speciality. Madhu has been delving into the embodied healing arts for over 20 years through Ritual Performance, Ceremonial Work, Energy/Body Healing, Dance Therapy, Body Mind Centering , Sonic Alchemist,  Energy Conduit , Embodied Mentoring, Ecstatic Dance Facilitation / DJ'ing, & Sacred Women's Work. Having graced stages , dance floors , retreats and more both across Australia & internationally, Madhu is well adept in navigating cultural interpersonal & collective dynamics, creating safe and seen spaces for us all to belong in. Madhu thrives on weaving pure presence, passion, play & the permission to liberate our unique threads of expression amongst this wild ride of life.


Luh Manis

jero priestess + yoga instructor + balinese wisdom keeper

Luh Manis, a native of Bali, is a trained "Jero," a Balinese priestess entrusted with leading ceremonies within her local community.

Upon assuming the role of a Jero, she noticed a heightened sensitivity to energy and turned to yoga and meditation to restore balance. Under the guidance of Shakti Mhi at Prana Yoga College, she obtained her 200-hour yoga teacher training.

Today, Manis dedicates herself full-time to practicing and teaching hatha and prana yoga, along with meditation. As the founder of PranasantiYoga, she draws inspiration from Bali's traditional philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which emphasizes harmony among people, with nature, and with the divine. This philosophy, deeply rooted in Balinese life, informs every aspect of Pranasanti's teachings and practices.


Barry Boullon

tea ceremony master + founder of the dragon tea temple

Barry Boullon is an accomplished tea ceremony master with 24 years of experience, renowned for his tea businesses in California and Bali as well as his educational offerings of tea courses, workshops and retreats.

His expertise is rooted in extensive study, practice and professional working experience in all things tea. Barry's multifaceted background includes seven years teaching yoga, acro yoga and culinary arts, enriching his tea ceremonies with elements of wellness and balance.

Known for his extensive knowledge and experience, Barry's passion for tea and dedication to self cultivation shine through in every bowl of tea he serves.


Chloe Adriana

tao tantric arts + ritual + embodiment

Chloe Adriana (she/her), also known as The Pussy Queen, is a multifaceted professional in the realms of somatic sexology, self-love coaching, and ceremonial facilitation. With a background ranging from professional fairy to dedicated teacher, Chloe's journey of self-discovery has led her to embrace and empower others to embody their authentic selves, including their sexuality.

Her time living in a tantric community in Sweden served as a catalyst for her studies, propelling her to explore various modalities and philosophies including somatic processing, modern psychology, Celtic ancestry, and inner child healing. These interested would lead her to becoming certified at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and the Tao Tantric Arts. 

Central to Chloe's approach is the cultivation of safety and permission, recognizing that true growth requires honouring the pace of each individual's journey. She encourages a deep listening to personal desires, inviting a surrender to the transformative process.

Inspired by Neo-Tantra and Taoism, Chloe advocates for the integration of sexuality into the full spectrum of life. Her Celtic heritage infuses her work with a connection to subtle energetic realms, embracing the wild and mysterious.

As a facilitator, Chloe balances the wild and the gentle, supporting inner children as well as guiding explorations of sensuality. Whether facilitating intense or tender experiences, Chloe creates spaces for individuals to fully embrace their authentic selves.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of rooms?

We have our Deluxe Waterfall Villa Suite and Standard Earth Villla. All rooms can be setup as king or twins, suitable for sharing.

How much does the Retreat Cost?

The cost of the retreat varies depending on the style of accommodations you select. We have the standard Earth villas and the deluxe Waterfall villas. The all inclusive retreat cost ranges from $3,200-$4,200 per person. The cost you see includes everything in the retreat except flights.  Payment plans are available upon request. 

Where is Solana Bali located?

Singapadu Kaler, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571.

How far are you from the airport?

1hr to 1.5hrs away from Denpasar Airport.

How do I get to the Retreat?

We will be providing 3 shuttle service options on the day of the retreat. We will ask for your flight schedules and provide 3 different shuttles based on when most of you will be landing. If your flight isn’t within the 3 busiest times, you will need to pay out of pocket for your own shuttle to the retreat. We will do our best to accommodate everyone and ensure a safe landing to our sanctuary! Check in is at 2:00pm on July 7 and it takes about an hour drive from the airport after customs and baggage is completed.

Normally airport transfer is IDR500,000 per trip. (About $30 USD)

Is Airfare Included?

The cost of your retreat is all-inclusive of the entire program, accommodations, and meals. Airfare is NOT included within this price.

When is Check In and Check Out?

Check In: Sunday, July 7 at 2:00pm | Check Out: Saturday, July 13 at 12:00pm

How many spaces are available?

We have 16 spots available

Is it for Men or Women?

Both men and women are encouraged to join The Origins of Essence retreat. We encourage both individuals and couples to join, all are welcome!

Do you have vegetarian and non vegetarian?

Our food is grown locally, from farm to table. Plant-based, gluten-free, healthy, delicious, and nutritious. Mostly vegetarian food, and we have eggs for breakfast. For those who need animal protein in their diet, we will be providing options for fish and chicken.

Is there a restaurant?

Our restaurant is open from breakfast until 9:00 PM, with last orders accepted until closing. Your retreat ticket covers a 5-course welcome dinner upon arrival, as well as a daily 3-course brunch and dinner. Should you desire an additional meal between brunch and dinner, you may order a la carte from the restaurant at your own expense.

Is the retreat refundable?

As these are intimate retreats with included meals and accommodations, we require a confirmed list of attendees. Therefore, we are unable to offer refunds. However, if you find yourself unable to attend, we'll make every effort to assist you in finding someone to take your place. While we strive for the best outcome for all involved, we cannot guarantee a replacement, and thus cannot guarantee a refund. Please note that deposits and payment plans are also non-refundable.

How much are your massage, acupuncture, and reflexology services?

These are optional services available at Solana retreat center, separate from your retreat package. Please note that all guests receive a complimentary 1-hour Balinese massage upon arrival. The following services can be scheduled during your stay at your discretion:

Acupuncture: $40 per person
Massage: $25 per person
Reflexology: $25 per person

How much is the floating breakfast?

This is an additional offering at Sola retreat center that is available at your own discretion, and not included within your retreat cost. Floating breakfast costs $16 USD.

How much is the flower bath?

The Flower bath in your room costs $15 USD. We use a flower we call in Bahasa as Pacar Air or rose balsam in English. We can also use hydrangea as requested.

What’s in the room? Toiletries available?

Here's what you have in the room:
🛌Bedroom: Tea, Mineral water
🛁Bathroom: Tissue roll, Toothbrush, Hand wash, Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash

Are there any mosquitos and/or insects at Solana?

Yes, there are insects (such as bugs, and even frogs) and mosquitos as we are in the middle of nature, however, we have anti-mosquito spray and the rooms are air conditioned. We also have mosquito nets for each room.

What should I pack for the retreat?

We'll ensure all attendees receive a comprehensive packing list, offering suggestions tailored to each phase of the retreat, so you can feel fully equipped for your Bali experience!

Ready to explore further?

As part of our commitment to your journey, we invite all applicants to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Zoom call with your retreat host, Tara, as you explore the possibility of joining The Origins of Essence experience. This call provides an opportunity for you and Tara to connect and assess the potential alignment for your participation.

For questions & inquiries, Contact support@tara-mei.com