1:1 Love & Legacy Coaching

with Tara Méi

Friends, Welcome to 1:1 Coaching.

In our private coaching container, you're embraced with transformative support as you navigate stirrings of the heart, intuitive nudges, and life transitions. Whether you're seeking support in love, intimacy, relationships, conscious business, or purpose-led legacy, our sessions provide a masterfully intuitive, precise, and bespoke coaching experience. Drawing from ad toolkit of somatic-based coaching, shadow integration, psychic mediumship, energy healing, and tantric-inspired practices, I create a space for holistic and evolutionary sessions that delve into the core of what is ready to shift within you, aligning with your visions and desires for working together. 

With over 6 years of experience guiding clients through healing and transformation, you find me when you're ready for support in navigating the cycles of death and rebirth within our journeys toward our true destiny. I'll guide you through processes that invite you to explore the depths of your inner world, unraveling a new life cycle and embodied reality with clarity, confidence, authenticity, passion, and unwavering trust. Together, we'll honor and explore the true essence of your being, unraveling your genius, expression, radiant frequency, and heart. Through our work, you'll discover a newfound sense of ease as you embrace a new paradigm of Love & Legacy in your life.

1:1 Coaching offers a gateway to transformation that reverberates throughout a lifetime, imprinting a deep connection with yourself, others, and the universe at large. Together, we'll delve into somatic-based coaching, energy work, relational healing, nervous system repatterning, subconscious reprogramming, and holistic integration. These comprehensive containers foster a secure and dynamic space, nurturing profound alignment and confidence in your soul's journey, reshaping your beliefs, potential, purpose, and destiny in expansive and evolutionary ways.

These coaching containers are a proven method, crafted to guide soul-aligned clients through advanced coaching tailored to their intentions, goals, and desires. The depth, connection, and results available in my coaching containers, while grounded in simplicity, are intended for those truly ready to embrace a fully renewed architecture of their destiny and soul-led path in this lifetime. This is a journey where every facet of your being finds harmony and liberation, and where you are deeply witnessed and empowered to remember the totality of your true essence while developing your ability to amplify it in your relationships and through your dharma.

with 1:1 coaching, you Choose between two styles of coaching tailored to your current life desires. Opt for The Path to Union Program, a deep dive into Love, Intimacy, and Relationships Coaching, or embark on the Path to Legacy, a CONSCIOUS Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program.

Love, Intimacy, and Relationships Coaching

► You desire to integrate your light and dark feminine or light and dark masculine, creating a sense of wholeness, balance, and full range of creative force and expression.

► You sense the need to move beyond relationships rooted in dysfunctional patterns and trauma-bonding, opting instead to nurture a deeper exploration of conscious dating and partnership, based on mutual desire for spiritual growth through revolutionary union.

►You're ready to embrace deep connections, transparent communication, and genuine intimacy. You're prepared to embark on the journey of conscious dating and partnership, which serves as a school for self-awareness and deep relational healing.

► You desire soul-aligned connections and conscious relationships. You're prepared to release past relational patterns, heal relational trauma, and create a thriving ecosystem for relationships rooted in security, trust, and a willingness to learn and grow together. 

► You're ready to confidently embody your authentic frequency, integrate into your Inner King or Inner Queen, and radiate unwavering self-value, self-worth, and self-love.

► You're ready to explore and amplify your magnetism by exploring the polarity between feminine and masculine dynamics, and confidently express your sensual nature. 

► You're ready to embrace a new cycle of conscious dating and evolutionary soulmate relationships, knowing that the universe reflects externally the relationship you've cultivated within yourself.

This is for you if....

► You're ready to experience a new narrative around love and intimacy.

► You're ready to re-pattern your nervous system to embrace a renewed approach to attraction, dating, and partnership—grounded in secure, healthy, and revolutionary love.

► You're ready to embark on a transformation journey that involves repairing attachment styles, nurturing a secure relationship with your inner child, and freeing yourself from inherited stories about love.

► You envision anchoring a new way of being in the world, rooted in authentic relationships, genuine intimacy, revolutionary love, and the transformative power of tantric union.

► You're prepared to embark on the journey of inner union, nurturing a space of safety, authenticity, and empowerment within yourself. You understand that genuine love involves first and foremost awakening and integrating the inner beloved within.

The Path to Union: Coaching Program

Each session is skillfully guided to lead you into a new chapter of love, intimacy, and relationships.

From liberating outdated relational templates to embracing your inner child, from cultivating a thriving sexual ecology, to attaining emotional empowerment, our sessions are designed to empower your journey toward embodying your most genuine and magnetic self.

With a blend of insightful guidance, somatic-based coaching, tantric techniques, and experiential activities, you'll unlock deeper layers of self-awareness, self-love, and relational harmony. These transformative sessions lead to the integration of new patterns of connection in your dating life and relationships, fostering deep personal growth and the fulfillment of your heart’s truest desires.


12 x 90 minute sessions Bi-Weekly or Monthly

You'll have access to communication in between sessions through Telegram 
 ++ FREE Lifetime Access to The Way of Intuition Course ($800 value)

PAY IN FULL: $4,000
(Save $500)

Or 6 Payments of $750


Soul-Led Legacy Coaching

► Throughout this journey, you'll be guided to gain clarity around your soul-led path, creative legacy, and conscious business, harmonizing the yin and yang qualities necessary for holistic success. 

► You understand the power of having the direct support of a modern-day oracle, where you can receive guidance and wise counsel to navigate the subtle and energetic layers of your business, ultimately feeling more connected to the realms of magic and manifestation.

► You feel a profound calling and deep longing within you to unite with kindred humans and soul family in this lifetime, collaborating to build new systems, businesses, and experiences that provide solutions to challenges in our local and global communities. 

This is for you if....

► You're ready to embark on a transformative journey as a visionary creative and conscious entrepreneur, eager to step boldly into an offering, project, brand, or business that aligns with a mission you feel compelled to serve.

► You feel the gentle nudges and hear the resonant callings of your intuition and heart, guiding you towards ideas, visions, and a profound desire to authentically serve our collective. You're propelled by a force guiding you towards this expansion in your leadership, feeling as though you haven't necessarily chosen it, but rather, it has chosen you.

► You choose a timeline where you have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy as a future ancestor on our planet, reshaping narratives within your ancestral lineage and our collective story. By simply radiating your true essence and genius in this world, you anchor more hope for the regeneration and restoration of planetary balance.

The Path to Legacy: Coaching Program

► Creative Legacy Coaching offers you a full spectrum path to the next evolution of your soul-led business journey, igniting a well-rounded life filled with creativity, innovation, connection, prosperity, and legacy.

►You will gain profound clarity, trust, and precision regarding your conscious business, clearing resistance, moving stagnant energy, and radiating the authentic frequency of the project of your dreams.

Our approach encompasses both the Yin and Yang aspects of business:

► Yin: We'll delve into upgrading your belief systems, catalyzing transformations within your identity, clearing stagnant energy, and cultivating magnetism, ensuring both you and your business flourish radiantly.

► Yang: Together, we'll establish structure, develop plans, craft branding, organize your approach, create compelling copy, and implement effective and authentic marketing strategies to communicate your offerings in the world. 


4x 2-hour VISIONARY VIP DAYS (Bi-Weekly or Monthly)

► VIP Day #1 - Visionary Alchemy 
This day is dedicated to somatic alchemy, delving deep into the body and mind to unravel resistance and blockages that hinder your confidence in stepping into your passions and creative force. Through compassionate inquiry, we explore the true essence of your visions and alchemize any barriers until you are ready to fully embrace your dreams, business, or creative endeavors with both feet in, and with complete trust in the significance of saying yes to this vision.

► VIP Day #2- Visionary Branding 
Through my intuitive abilities, and with your collaboration, I enter the quantum realm, tapping into the consciousness of your business to unveil visions, messages, symbols, and narratives that encapsulate the essence and identity of your brand or business. Clients frequently acknowledge that through this process, I articulate elements of their business that were previously challenging to verbalize or manifest into tangible form.

► VIP Day #3 - Visionary Expression
This day is dedicated to liberating the voice and essence of your brand or business. We clarify your audience & community, and design strategies to authentically convey your message in a meaningful and captivating way, humanizing your work and setting you apart from regurgitated and clichéd forms of marketing lacking intention. By the end of our session, you will have a profound understanding of the significance and distinctiveness of your project, empowering you to confidently be a messenger of your work and your value. As an added bonus, I will provide intuitively channeled copywriting perfectly suited to your unique offerings.

► VIP Day #4 - Visionary Embodiment
This final session will guide you through somatic embodiment practices aimed at seamlessly integrating your new identity and creative venture. It will also help build capacity in your nervous system, allowing you to live as the version of yourself who takes ownership of your creations and your "why." Through this process, you will authentically embody the essence of your offering, becoming a living testament to the values and mission you seek to convey to your audience and communities. This journey emphasizes maintaining the integrity of your work and living in harmonious alignment with it, rather than existing separately from it.

Bonus: FREE Lifetime Access to The Way of Intuition Course ($800 value)


PAY IN FULL: $2,000

Or 3 Payments of $800

"Working with Tara has been truly transformative for my business journey. Through our insightful sessions, I gained clarity, inspiration, and direction, realizing that I wasn't aligned with my true path during the first of three VIP day sessions. With Tara's guidance, I shifted onto a path that felt true to my calling, dreams, and the potential I hold to create in the world.

During our initial session, we cleared a lot of energy that redirected my trajectory towards a new direction. Over the past two years, we've collaborated in various capacities, including coaching and retreats, and her ability to uncover energetic blockages has been invaluable.  Our work has evolved into spiritual entrepreneurship, propelling my business to its next level.

As an entrepreneur, I've tended to lean towards my masculine energy in the past, but Tara helped me understand the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies in all aspects of my business, from the creative process to marketing strategies. Her perspective on aligned marketing combined with her intuitive insights empowered me to fully embrace my strengths, unique gifts, and offerings to my communities.

With Tara's guidance, I created my next retreat from a place of genuine joy, ease, inspiration, and service, which alleviated any doubt or pressure I was feeling around my business. From our 3 VIP sessions, I witnessed firsthand how energy truly influences outcomes, as evidenced by the overwhelming success of an event I am producing, which sold out in just 5 hours.

Thanks to Tara's experience in marketing, somatic work, and energy work, I'm now on a path of alignment and growth in my business. I'm incredibly grateful for our collaborations together, and feel grateful to have Tara's support on my journey."

- Christina M.

"Our work has evolved into
spiritual entrepreneurship, propelling
my business to its next level."

client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  

"I came into this retreat with her with intent of emerging a new man. An elevated human. I received that and lifetimes more than I ever could have expected. I was reconnected to my power, my essence and reclaimed my voice. She guided me through levels of my consciousness and took the journey with me through so much emotional work and blockage. She is such a gifted individual who’s true intention is to heal and discover alongside you.

I can confidently my life is changed having worked with her. Not only will I never forget this retreat, but I will carry its lessons through every moment of this lifetime. Thank you, Tara!"

- anthony s

"Tara is such a blessing. She is nurturing and kind and beyond intuitive."

client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  

"Tara fosters camaraderie right from the start. There is no hierarchy: there are two equals — two friends — in designated roles. It’s deeply empowering to be treated as an equal by a teacher. Her personality and example alone teach me in my everyday life. She has such a beautiful way of showing people what they need to see, with so much love and grace that it becomes the desired thing to do.

When I started working with Tara, I was on the brink of my capacity to handle all the pain that my life circumstances were raining on me. Months later, there came a moment when I burst out of what felt like a cocoon and into an entirely new version of self and surroundings. I have also made major internal and external shifts that moved me from a scarcity frequency to an abundance frequency. What more could I ask for?"

- hannah m

"The value of the work I did with Tara is not only unparalleled, but unquantifiable."

client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  

"During our journey Tara supported me every step of the way, showing me true compassion, unconditional love, alchemy of my deepest wounds, & friendship. Now, I feel connected, resourced, calm, guided, & abundant. Almost everything has changed & is about to change. Life after working with Tara is 10x more magical, pleasurable, & abundant. She always had the best guidance, at the perfect time, & always made me feel seen , heard, & understood. I get to take the gifts we unlocked together & use them for the rest of my life!

I am now choosing to own my playfulness, my sensuality, sensitivity, honesty, & compassion. I feel very grateful to have had this experience with Tara, she will lead you to your best self."

- chelsea s

"Life after working with Tara is 10x more magical, pleasurable, & abundant."

client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  

"Having 1:1 sessions with Tara is like meeting up with an old friend who is kind, gentle, loving, and so wise. Our sessions were always unique and always left me feeling seen, heard, and celebrated. I cherish Tara's intuition and deeply trust her wisdom and guidance. I was continually reminded of the cosmic magic that is available to each of us. Truly. Our work was spiritually transformational while simultaneously filled with moments of laughter and levity. Tara speaks through the language of the heart, and has a way of guidance and insight that pours out of her like water into a tall glass, that goes beyond words.

The gifts I am choosing to own moving forward after this container is my gentle, soft nature while continuing to nurture the strong, fiery side. Soft front, strong back. I am so grateful for this soul journey with Tara and for working with a mentor that has become a true friend."

- kelsey b

"I feel I have called my power back through this work."

client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  

"Tara came into my life during a period of major loss and death, and she helped me design my rebirth. Before working with Tara— i was in pieces, falling apart, crumbling. Now i am whole, i have put myself back together. my wounds are still here but they are not in control of me anymore. They are my guides, not my obstacles. I have uncovered and discovered myself through this container.

She has taught me to unearth my fears with compassion, dive into the root of the pain, and transmute darkness into light. She has given me the gift of alchemy. A gift that I can utilize in my daily life and that I can teach to my future clients. I am overflowing with gratitude and love for this woman and her potent medicine. When I began this process, I was looking for a mentor. I never expected to find a sister for life and to be reunited with my soul family."

- nicole d

"It’s hard to put into words how much Tara has given me."

client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love  client love